Dewin and Doti

friends to all the children of Wales

Dewin is Mudiad Meithrin's unique character and he has a faithful dog called Doti. Dewin and Doti can only understand Welsh. Doti does not speak, but she can whisper in your ear in Welsh.

Dewin and Doti live in the Balalŵn up high in the sky and enjoy whizzing down to play with children at the Cylchoedd Meithrin, the Welsh-medium playgroups dotted throughout Wales.

Doti is allowed to go home with a child who has made a special effort to speak Welsh, or has been very kind and has helped others in the Cylch Meithrin. 

Dewin's birthday club

Why not join Dewin's birthday club today, and on your birthday you will receive a special message and an electronic birthday card from Dewin and Doti wishing you a ‘Pen-blwydd Hapus!’

Doti's pictures

Doti is a lovable and kind little dog, and she is Dewin’s best friend. Every cylch meithrin has a Doti soft toy and she’s allowed to go home with a child who has made a special effort in the. If you would like to have a photo of your child with Doti posted here then send it to us on an e-mail.

Dewin's blog

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Dewin's website

Dewin has a special website offering interesting games for children, including dancing to the Dewin theme song and printable templates of Dewin, Doti, Het Hud Dewin (Dewin’s magic hat) and the Balalŵn.

Dewin Merchandice

Dewin merchandise is available through Siop Mabon a Mabli, which includes Dewin CD’s, books, mugs, plates, CD-Roms, Dewin and Doti t-shirts and lots more!

Dewin Games

We have a few of the games Dewin and Doti like to play on this website. As well as being fun to play, these games help children to improve and enhance their Welsh vocabulary!