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The @MudiadMeithrin grant fund for Cylchoedd is still open. It will close on 26.01.18. All details on the intranet……
05:37 PM - 17 Jan 18
DYDDIAD CAU FORY! Na, dydach chi ddim yn drysu, mae blwyddyn tan y Nadolig OND a fuoch chi fel Cylch yn codi arian……
05:07 PM - 17 Jan 18
Ydych chi eisiau gweithio efo ni? Rydym yn chwilio am berson brwdfrydig ac ysbrydoledig i arwain gwaith ym maes mat……
03:28 PM - 17 Jan 18
RT @RSPBCymru: Not long until #BigGardenBirdwatch gets started! Register today for your FREE PACK:…
03:09 PM - 17 Jan 18

Tuesday 16 January


Monday 11 December
An exciting scheme introducing Welsh language immersion methodology within Cylchoedd Meithrin and securing linguistic transition from the Cylch to Welsh-medium schools in the north east. Following a conversation in 2015 between Mudiad Meithrin and an early years teacher who is extremely supportive of the Cylchoedd’s work in Denbighshire, it was decided to change the way support was given to Cylchoedd Meithrin (as far as language support was concerned). Rather than the Language Officer offering language support that varied from cylch to cylch (sometimes to build the staff’s confidence and sometimes for good practice), it was decided to create a structured scheme that would be relevant to cylchoedd on every level.  With a high percentage of children in

Wales Rugby star supports Mudiad Meithrin initiative

Tuesday 05 December

Mudiad Meithrin is launching an accreditation quality scheme for Cylchoedd Ti a Fi

Tuesday 05 December
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